50 Cent to partner with African entrepreneurs

By//Mariah Craddick

Rapper 50 Cent has come a long way since his In Da Club days. ‘Fiddy’ is now a bona fide businessman, having had successful partnerships with Vitamin Water and Reebok. In his latest venture with Street King (SK) energy drink, he’s looking to partner with entrepreneurs in Africa as sole distributors, according to

“Giving back to hungry children with every shot we sell is only part of the story,” he’s quoted as saying in a statement posted to the drink’s official website. “I’ve been fortunate enough to travel across Africa, and one thing I’ve learned is that it is filled with vibrant, young entrepreneurs who are eager to cultivate a sustainable business sector that will fuel growth for their future.”

The plan is to choose a partner in every country in Africa and work directly with them on marketing and selling the brand. For more information on SK Energy and how to become a distribution partner, visit