50 Cent Sued for ‘Power’ Concept

50 Cent can’t seem to catch a break this year. The South Jamaica Queens rapper and businessman is now being sued for allegedly stealing the concept of Starz hit show Power.

But unlike the many accusations and lawsuits that follow Fox’s Empire, this suit has some convincing evidence.

Larry Johnson, author of “Tribulation of a Ghetto Kid” says that he wrote a manuscript in 2005 using the aforementioned title. He shared the pages with Nikki Turner who works with 50’s G-Unit Books. However, the book was published by Against All Oddz Publications in 2014.

Johnson states the similarities come across in the character name “Ghost,” as that’s often his pen name. In addition, the show’s character make-up is similar to the book’s with the main character owning the hottest night club in Atlanta. Power has “Ghost” running the “It” nightclub in New York.

Whether or not any of this is true or simple coincidence has yet to be addressed by 50 or anyone in his camp.

Larry is suing for $200 million. Meanwhile, 50 is on Instagram pumping and promoting season 3.

POWER season3 will be even better. We are turning it up a notch. #EFFENVODKA #FRIGO #SMSAUDIO

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Intellectual Property is a beast.