5 Ways “Hotline Bling” Gave Us 80s Realness

Never let it be said that the JET doesn’t love the Six Gawd, but we admit that we collectively howled upon seeing the video for Drake’s uber hot “Hotline Bling.”

Twitter, predictably, went in on him harder than Meek Mills ever dared to try.  They mocked his mysterious, manic two-step.  They scoffed at his fluttering jazz hands.

And the turtleneck.  Ah…the turtleneck.

While all those things were very, very entertaining, we could not help but notice something else. Striking parallels between his video set and the following items/experiences from the 80s, such as:

1. A Rubik’s Cube

Credit: Rubik's Cube Site

Credit: Rubik’s Cube Site

Was Drake trapped inside of that iconic puzzle that brought kids such fun and frustration? With the glowing lights and square space, it seemed all to familiar… Unless he was actually dancing on top of:

2. Q-bert’s Game Platform



Seriously, we would not have been surprised if a squiggly purple snake or a bouncing ball had joined him mid-flow. That is, unless he was actually a captive in:

3. A Lisa Frank Folder

Sure, we might be showing our age but damn if the Toronto native didn’t look like the 80s answer to Salvador Dali.  Those trapper keepers and folders gave (and still give) us life.

Credit: Etsy

Credit: Etsy

4. A Scene from Clockwork Orange

Them gals in that video are lucky old Drake didn’t catch a case of the ultraviolence.  Stanley Kubrick would approve of the eggshell interior.



5. Tron

Just. Pick.A.Scene.

Yes, while the rest of y’all are saying Drake looks like a drunk uncle at a quinceanera, the heir apparent to Denzel Washington’s track suit or just a truly horrible dancer, we are still trying to figure out where this was shot.  And whether or not a time machine was involved.  Maybe you have suggestions.  We’ll wait.