5 Reasons SWV Ruled the ’90s

R&B sensation SWV (Sisters With Voices) sold millions of albums, but their reach far surpasses sales. Here are five awesome things the super girl group brought to the popular ’90s musical genre New Jack Swing:

1. They Broke Up The All Boys Club: Before these ladies stepped on the scene, most of the stars — Al B. Sure, Teddy Riley and Jodeci — of the hip-hop and R&B fusion had one thing in common: a penis.

2. Funky Style: From ridiculously long nails and pastel-hued leather jackets to Taj’s totally ripped midsections and full-length furs, the group was definitely known for setting trends.

3. Candid Commentary: Oral sex. Man-stealing. Unrequited love. No topic was too sensitive or taboo to touch — these ladies sang about it all.

4. Women’s Liberation: The ladies didn’t just talk about sexual freedom; they lived it. While most famous women went to great lengths to be seen as prudish, the trio spoke openly about dating, and being intimate with whomever they pleased among Hollywood’s hottest.

5. Urban Vibe: New Jack Swing isn’t just about the music, it’s about an attitude and few girl groups embodied ’90s urban swag like this threesome. They possessed the perfect blend of street-smarts, candor and passion.

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