5 Things with Brandi Maxiell

Last season, VH1’s Basketball Wives LA introduced the world to Brandi Maxiell. The Texas-native joined the ladies of the West Coast, and landed herself right in the middle of a heap of drama.

But that wasn’t the star’s only struggle. As an ovarian cancer survivor, she shared her heart-wrenching story about her health and victory against the grueling disease.

She soon became a fan favorite, and she’s used her platform to inspired a multitude of women.

Now, the fourth season of the popular reality show is in full swing, and the mother and wife is back for her second round, continuing her journey and spreading her genuine and loving spirit.

The beauty took a break from playing with her baby boy to chat with JET about a range of topics including her experience on the series, her must-see TV programs and what entrepreneurial endeavors she’s working on. Read on to find out what she had to say.


“One moment I regret on the show is running down the stairs in the reunion last year. I let my emotions get the best of me, and I hate that,” she admitted. “I know there’s a younger generation watching us. I don’t want them to think that just because you’re mad, you have to get into someone’s face. So I really am working on controlling my anger.”


“My husband and I have been separated for a year and a couple of months, so we’ve put having another baby on hold,” she explains. “That comes out in the show. We want to get our family and our household back in order before we bring another human being into this world. That’s what we’re focusing on right now.”


“I’m into the Caitlyn Jenner show I Am Cait, because I think that’s positive,” she says. “I’m also really into sitcoms now. I like Power. I just caught up on that. And I’m trying to get into Orange is the New Black. I can’t get into it, but I’ve been trying to force it. Everyone loves it, so I figured, ‘Maybe it’s just me!’ But that’s what has my attention at the moment.”


“During my freshman and sophomore year at The University of North Texas, I wasn’t low key. I ran track, and I majored in business. My best friends and I were at every party. I thought I was ‘that girl,'” she laughs. “Once I became a junior, my husband got drafted, so that all changed quickly. I was traveling a lot, and I wasn’t into college activities as much.”


“My mom and I decided to be partners, and we opened up a salon three years ago. I think that’s the best thing that we’ve done collectively,” she reveals. “It’s starting to fill up, and we’re looking for another space. I’m excited about that.”

Catch Brandi on “Basketball Wives LA” Sundays at 9 p.m. est on VH1.