5 Things About Lauren London

Lauren-LondonThe Game star Lauren London, who is featured on the current issue on newsstands now, talks to JET about everything from Tupac to religion by sharing five things most folks don’t know about her.

1) She Didn’t See Color…

“I didn’t realize my father was White until he picked me up from school one day and the kids said something about it. He was just always my dad.”

2) She Likes to Wine Down….

“I’m really boring. I like to eat good food— food is awesome. I like to go to the beach for fun. I really like to chill with my girls, and have a glass of wine and talk all night.”

3) She Likes Twins…

“I love Gemini men; they are awesome. Tupac was a Gemini and I’m obsessed with him.”

4) She’s Got it From Her Mama…

“My mom has always instilled hustle in me. I was taught to always make sure you have a rainy day stash somewhere and that you have your own. I think I’ve lead my life that way, no matter what, making sure I could always do for myself, and mine.”

5) She Has Standing Appointment with a Bishop…

“I go to church when I can but I also put TD Jakes on the TV, I have him DVR. I am a Christian, but I’m more spiritual.”