Your Summer Fest Emerging Artists Guide!

Summer will be here before we know it and we all know that means, the biggest festivals will be kicking off.

So instead of giving you just a run-down of the hottest festivals to check out while enjoying the perks that summer brings, we at #TeamJet compiled this nifty list of creatives who are putting out good stuff, but have yet to fully blow up.

From nostalgic 90s R&B, hip-hop and soul to funk and experimentally eclectic sounds, these creatives should definitely be on your performance radar!



Kehlani, who hails from the Bay Area, got her start as a dancer. She’s skilled in both ballet and modern dance, and attended the Oakland School for the Arts. After an unfortunate knee injury that left her unable to dance, she switched to vocal training and well…here she is. The young talent has been featured on  America’s Got Talent and describes her sound as “feel good music with R&B/Soul undertones.”

Catch Kehlani performing at the Neon Desert Music Festival in El Paso.


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