20 Years Ago, Tupac Was On Top

Twenty years ago, Tupac Shakur was on top.

His third studio album, Me Against the World, debuted at No. 1 on the charts. Shakur was incarcerated at the time, but his lyrics of resilience, rebellion and real life were free.

Me Against the World allowed us all to enter the realm of Pac’s innermost thoughts. The album kicks off with audio snippets of news anchors reporting his legal troubles and controversial instances. It then progresses to a deeper area of his subconscious. Thoughts of poverty, broken friendships…even death over serious beats is what we got to hear. As complex as he was, he was real.

In honor of Me Against the World debuting at the top of Billboard’s 200 20 years ago, here’s a throwback of my favorite song on the album, “Dear Mama.”

In January, the Grammy Museum ran an exhibition on Tupac Shakur. His legacy definitely is living on.

Rest peacefully Pac.