10 Most Memorable Moments from RHOA

As Season 6 of RHOA (Real Housewives of Atlanta) comes to an end, we take a look back at the most memorable (and sometimes most ratchet) moments featuring our favorite housewives.

After all, who could forget how Mama Joyce turned up and Porsha seemingly missed the lesson on the Underground Railroad?

Join us for a walk down memory lane and tell us your favorite moment in the comments!

1. The “Golden Girls” vs. Carmon

Who knew old ladies could turn up like that? Someone should tell these hags to pick on someone their own age…

2. Who Are You Calling a Bitch?

Peter, apparently. After a brief altercation in Mexico, NeNe advises Peter to stay out of women’s business and calls him the “b-word.”

3. Pillow Talk Fight

This couples’ soiree went from fun and games to reality ratchetness in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1…

4. Kandi Turns Up

Not one to be outdone, Kandi lets it all out in part two of pillow talk…

5. NeNe’s “Friends” Speech

No one can throw shade quite like NeNe. So when the Queen Bee made an acceptance speech at Kenya’s gala, it was every bit awkward.

6. The Underground Railroad

Oh, Porsha. One can only hope that she’s pulling a Jessica Simpson and she isn’t really as simple as she appears to be. We hope…

7. Apollo Being Apollo

It’s really simple, Apollo. Your wife, Phaedra, dislikes Kenya. Do not hang out with and/or otherwise entertain Kenya.

8. Gregg and Peter’s Fight

Is there anything more pathetic than watching two grown men go at it? Yeah, I didn’t think so…

9. NeNe vs. Marlo

Well, so much for friendly fun at the Bailey Bowl. The event comes to an abrupt end after Marlo runs after NeNe and Marlo shuts. her. down.

10. Kenya Calls Porsha Kordell’s “Beard”

Kenya never minces her words, so it should come as no surprise that she “went there” when talking about Porsha’s marriage to Kordell.

BONUS:When Cockroaches Attack

Some uninvited guests joined the ladies during their trip to Savannah…

YOUR TURN: What was your favorite moment of Season 6? Let us know in the comments!