1-on-1 With Miles Brown of ‘black-ish’

Since the age of four, “Black-ish” star Miles Brown has been entertaining the masses. From singing and dancing in local shows to appearing in print ads and TV commercials, this young but familiar face quickly became a fan favorite.

“When I was four, I appeared on a Nickelodeon show called “Yo Gabba Gabba” and later joined their show tour,” the star recalls. “Just before I turned five, I had the chance to appear on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” which led to my appearing on “America’s Got Talent.”

JET got the chance to chat with the young actor, who is also the new face of a new campaign committed to ensuring that children get quality sleep, about his life, career and what he enjoys most about being famous.

JET: Yo! Thanks for speaking with me today. What do you like most about acting?

Miles Brown: What I like most is the FUN I have meeting and working with legendary actors who I can learn from.

JET: That’s a very mature answer. How did you end up on Black-ish?

Miles Brown: Well, when I first found out that I was cast on the show, I just went crazy. We did the pilot which was really cool, but had to wait to see if Black-ish would get picked up for a season. I found out a few weeks later when Marsai Martin’s (who plays my twin sister), mom called my dad with the news that the show got picked up. When my dad told me, I was so excited that I started doing back flips.

JET: Nice. Every time I have the chance to speak to a celebrity, they tell me they don’t feel like they’re famous. When you see yourself on TV, what goes through your mind?

Miles Brown: Sometimes I still can’t believe that I’m an actor when I see myself on TV. Ever since I was really little, I always wanted to be a dancer, and now I’m an actor. When I grow up, I want to be in the NBA. A lot of basketball players, like Shaq and Ray Allen, started out acting when they were younger, then they played basketball, and went back to acting after they retired.

JET: I hear you. The sky is definitely the limit. I know you’re working on Season 2 of “Black-ish,” but what else do you have in the works? Any exciting projects?

Miles Brown: I was asked to play the lead in a Cirque du Soleil charity show. I also will be filming my first lead in a movie called Believe next year. Most recently, I’ve teamed up with Sleep Number on a new campaign to help kids get more sleep. Check out my “Public Sleep Announcement” here.

JET: Sounds like you’re going to be busy! What advice do you have for kids your age?

Miles Brown: Just have FUN! My motto I created is “Dream Big, Inspire Many,” which helps keep kids like me inspired to do what they love and not feel because of their size or age, they can’t achieve big things! Also give back and support your community who supported you.

Check out Miles on “Black-ish” Wednesdays 9:30/8:30CST on ABC.