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Hot TV Brothers You Can’t Miss!

The DivaGals are ready for some seriously hot brothers on our TV set! We attended Television Critics Association’s Winter Press Tour last month where we caught up with three sexy stars who are sure to heat things up this spring.


WHO HE PLAYS: The House vet plays J. Martin Bellamy, an immigration officer who deals with a resurrected child who has been dead for 32 years.
WHY TO WATCH. “The connective tissue between race and class, socio-economic status — what have you — is life and death. That’s the one thing as human beings that we all experience, no matter what your beliefs are,” Omar declared. “Every single day we deal with that thought in the back of our minds. To me, that makes this a universal story, and that’s the drive under our show.”
FUN FACT. When it comes to the supernatural, Omar believes in energy, “and I believe energy lasts forever.” So meta!
Resurrection premieres Sunday, March 9 on ABC.


WHO HE PLAYS: Craig plays Cal Harris, part of the Tom, Bruce and Cal best friend trio.
WHY TO WATCH: The entire series follows one night of romance and misconnections in a local bar. “Cal’s a romantic guy. Tom’s fiancé broke it off with him. Cal and Bruce decide to take Tommy out for the night to get some numbers and maybe get a little,” Cal shared with a chuckle. “I’m there to reassure him and coach him up.”
FUN FACT. Craig often gets mistaken for My Name is Earl alum Eddie Steeples. “And people always think I’m a Wayans’ brother,” he shared.
Mixology premieres Wednesday, February 26 on ABC.


WHO HE PLAYS: Kevin plays Hank St. Clare, a gay paramedic.
WHY TO WATCH. Hank saves lives, but his own love life is kind of on life support. “Hank is ‘I want a little of this and  little of that,’ but then decides he does want something serious,” Kevin revealed. “He’s always talking about Jeff the Chef, his ex, and then he gets an invitation to Jeff the Chef’s wedding. It’s a case of ‘do you go, and you got to take a date?’ That was a lot of fun to play.”
FUN FACT. Kevin is 6’5! “It’s so hard,” he said of finding clothes that fit. “I have long arms and legs. Hugo Boss fits me real well.”
Sirens premieres Thursday, March 6 on USA Network.

Will you be tuning in to watch these hot TV brothers? Let us know in the comments!