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Exclusive: Diamond Talks Justin Bieber Dance

Diamond, the exotic dancer who left Justin Bieber in awe of her best assets, tells Diva Gals more about the woman behind the lap dance. Our exclusive interview!

The DivaGals: How did the night unfold that you were dancing for Justin at VLive on October 18?

Diamond: It was Friday night, and the club was pretty packed, probably around 3 a.m. I was working as usual and a big entourage came in, and about five minutes later, they announced it was Justin Bieber and Floyd Mayweather.

The DivaGals: What did you think of Justin?

Diamond: He was very nice, laid back and cool. He wasn’t too rowdy. He was just doing his thing. It looked like he had a good time. He was probably there for two hours. I wasn’t really wasn’t keeping track. I was just having fun and enjoying myself.

The DivaGals: After you posted a picture on Twitter with your night’s earnings, angry tweets started to come in?

Diamond: Anytime a celebrity or big spender comes in, we give them a shout out. I had no idea that it would go viral. I was tweeting that it was a good night at work and I made a lot of money. I woke up and all his fans were going crazy. I’ve been called everything in the book: slut and whore – I’ve been called the devil. Someone sent me a picture of a casket. But some of his fans like me – they say you’re so pretty and so lucky; I want to be you. It’s been both ways. It’s been 50/50, a lot of hate and a lot of love. I try not to let it bother me.

The DivaGals: Has Justin reached out to you since that night?

Diamond: No, that’s why I wanted to do this interview, just to let him know I was tweeting like I normally do. It wasn’t to put bad attention towards him. I know his fans imagine him to be this little 15-year-old boy, but he’s an adult. He’s 19, and he can get in clubs now. They don’t want to deal with the fact that he’s becoming a man.

The DivaGals: Are you a Texas girl by birth?

Diamond: I’m originally from Detroit, Michigan. I moved to Houston in 2007. I was going to school for medical billing and coding five hours and day and working a regular job in customer service 8 to 9 hours a day. It was just too much, and I wasn’t getting enough sleep. I actually went to the club to be a waitress and wound up becoming a dancer.

The DivaGals: What is your next step? Will you continue dancing?

Diamond: In the last two months, I’ve been working on opening up an online boutique. I have an Instagram page, @MIABoutique2. That’s my main focus. It’s customized denim for women, offering custom pieces with Swarovski crystals and things like that. I’ve been working with a seamstress and looking into vendors. I was thinking about acting, but I’m too shy for that.

The DivaGals: Is there someone you’re dying to dance for?

Diamond: I know it sounds crazy but it’s actually a girl: Nicki Minaj. I love her. I saw her video where she was a dancer, and I just want to dance for her. You know, Justin touching me was like the death of me to his fans, I guess. But it was a good experience. Maybe I’ll get to dance for him again one day – and I hope he brings Nicki with him!