Paul Mooney dishes to JET

Legendary comedian discusses race relations.

Fruitvale Station:Extended Interview

Wanda Johnson talks about her son's murder


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Extreme Weight Loss Trends

Not all diets are created equal. Here are a few weight loss trends that do more harm than good.

Obama Says Trayvon Could Have Been Him

President gets emotional talking about slain teen.

Face It: Trayvon and Others Killed for Nothing

Beyond Trayvon: Other Black males who died for their skin shade

Meet the “We Are Not Trayvon Martin” Creator

Viral site exposes, aims to end, white privilege

Justice for Trayvon: How You Can Participate

Ways to help get Justice 4 Trayvon

Rebel Music: Songs for Trayvon Martin

Artists express their feelings on the not guilty verdict through song...

Protestors Still Seek Justice for Trayvon Martin

Organizers seeking answers, solutions

Web Reacts: George Zimmerman Verdict

Social media reaction to the George Zimmerman verdict

No Justice for Trayvon: Zimmerman Not Guilty

The jury has spoken and George Zimmerman is now a free man...

Secret Celebrity Marriages

Shhh, celebs who got hitched in secret.

A Better Way Chicago Kicks Off Contest

Funding competition for Chicago nonprofits

Celebs for Trayvon Martin

Entertainers show support for teen.

China Anne McClain Discusses ‘Grown Ups 2’

Teen actress talks about sequel.

Fruitvale Station: Will You See It?

"Fruitvale Station" opens in select cities

Facebook Blackout for Trayvon Martin

Blacked out profiles protest justice delayed in Zimmerman trial

Film Producer Scores Deal With Universal TV

Film producer makes major move to TV.

NY Principal Calls Black Teachers “Gorillas”?

Accusations are being investigated.

Lil’ Kim’s New Birthday Single

Rapper debuts first new song in years.