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Poll: Do You Support a Strike on Syria?

AP poll shows most Americans oppose military action

Poll: Are the Jacksons’ Sentences Fair?

Political couple going behind bars

Teen Denied Heart Transplant

Fifteen-year-old boy is only given six months to live

No New Friends? Blacks, Whites Still Apart

White Americans much less likely to have friends of other races

Poll: No Justice, No Tips?

We understand you’re upset about the verdict in the George Zimmerman trial (trust us, we are, too!). That does not ...

Other Zimmerman Jurors Break Silence

By//L’Oreal Thompson Now that Juror B37 in the George Zimmerman trial has spoken her piece, four of the five remaining ...

Poll: Doc Diagnoses “Ghetto Booty”

And in this-man-is-watching-too-many-ratchet-reality-shows news, an actual licensed medical professional in Tennessee, who is White, diagnosed an African American woman with ...

Rebel Music: Songs for Trayvon Martin

Artists express their feelings on the not guilty verdict through song...

Zimmerman Defense Rests: Will You?

UPDATED ON 7/11: The judge in the Trayvon Martin murder case agreed to instruct jurors they can consider the lesser ...

Poll: Yasiin Bey (aka Mos Def) Faces Off Against Force ...

These days, rap artists are often blamed for having a negative impact on society, from glorifying reckless materialism to violence, ...

No More Junk Food in School Vending Machines?

No more junk food? More food choice restrictions are coming from the White House, and this time, some parents might ...

Teen Boys Rapping About Oral Sex Goes Viral

Controversy erupts after boys admit to gay acts in viral video

Should This Couple Be Allowed to Squat?

Couple kicked out of abandoned home after investing $3,000.

Is Interracial Cheerios Spot Worth Discussing?

General Mills' VP of marketing releases a statement supporting controversial interracial Cheerios commercial.

‘Pregnant and Dating’ Sneak Peek

"Pregnant and Dating" premieres on Friday, May 31, on WEtv.

Ghetto Bus Tour: Are You on Board?

// By Kyra Kyles Jesus, take the wheel. Literally. Before they snatched the wording off their Web site, a number ...

CNN Reintroduces Itself Without Blacks or Hispanics

CNN displays blatant lack of diversity.

College Degree Needed For Cashier Job at McDonald’s?

A McDonald's in Massachusetts posts an ad for an open cashier position that requires not only one to two years ...

Philly Therapist Launches ‘N—a Recovery Program’

A Philadelphia therapist launches a "Nigga Recovery Program" for those "addicted to the use of the word 'nigger'."

VIDEO: What Would You Do if You Walked in on ...

Would you help, run or just watch..?

Which Civil Rights Icon is Missing from the National Mall?

News of Rosa Parks having a monument placed in the National Mall is reason to rejoice. But it also begs ...