Trump Calls for Investigation of Mass Voter Fraud

The president believes millions voted illegally in November, despite lack of evidence.

Trump Coasts to Electoral College Victory

Despite nationwide protests, the billionaire-turned-politician officially took the election.

Election Vote Recounts Begin in 3 States

After disputes over the actual number of votes in crucial states, ballots are being counted again.

When You Talk to Your Kids on the Election…

Every parent has a duty to help their kids to understand what happened

Trump Defeats Clinton, Shocking Nation

The billionaire real estate mogul stunned Hillary Clinton to become the 45th President of the United States

Calif. AG Kamala Harris Wins Senate Seat

She becomes California's first Black senator and the second Black woman senator ever

Election Day: Somali-American Wins Minn. House Seat

Ilhan Omar took a legislative seat making her the first of her ethnic background to do so in America

We’re With Her

[Editorial]'s leadership shares why they are voting for HRC and why you should do the same

DeRay Mckesson Endorses Hillary Clinton

The activist lays out his reasoning in an op-ed.

Colin Powell Says He Will Vote for Clinton

The support is a turnaround from earlier criticisms

7 Cool Tweets for National Voter Registration Day

The Twitterverse is encouraging everybody to sign up and be counted

Colin Powell Rips Donald Trump in E-Mails

The former Secretary of State had some serious criticisms, a leaked e-mail shows

Clinton to Open More Records on Her Health

The Democratic nominee is surrounded by questions on her wellness after an abrupt exit

Uh, What? Herman Cain Says Trump ‘Not Racist’

The 2012 presidential candidate insists he knows what a racist is and says Trump isn't

Kamala Harris Takes Calif. Senate Primary

The state's Attorney General and Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez will go to a runoff in November

Trump Clinches Number for GOP Nomination

Once seen as an unlikely contender, the billionaire now has the party nod at his feet

Ben Carson Ends Presidential Campaign

The Republican hopeful did not gain enough support during the primary season

John Lewis Casts Doubt on Bernie Sanders

The Ga. lawmaker said he "never saw" the presidential candidate during the Civil Rights years

DeRay McKesson Runs for Baltimore Mayor

The Black Lives Matter activist filed just before the deadline on Wednesday

Clinton Squeezes By Sanders in Iowa Caucuses

The Democratic frontrunner claimed a narrow victory