Trump ‘Celebrates’ Black History Month — Sorta

The president acknowledges Black History, gives alternative facts and bashes the media all at once.

State Attorneys General Begin Lawsuits Against Trump

In a pushback to White House policy, state attorneys general are taking the White House to court.

Trump Calls for Investigation of Mass Voter Fraud

The president believes millions voted illegally in November, despite lack of evidence.

Observing the Backlash Against Jeff Sessions

Sen. Cory Booker and Rep. John Lewis outlined exactly why the Alabama senator should not be attorney general

John Lewis, Cory Booker Address Sessions Hearing

The two Congressmen were among several who opposed the confirmation of Sen. Jeff Sessions at Attorney General

[WATCH LIVE] Sen. Jeff Sessions Nomination Hearings

The Alabama senator has been a controversial choice for Attorney General since his nomination

Republicans Seek to Push Through Term Limits

Sen. Ted Cruz wants to bring term limits to Congress, but there is some GOP opposition

Trump Coasts to Electoral College Victory

Despite nationwide protests, the billionaire-turned-politician officially took the election.

Election Vote Recounts Begin in 3 States

After disputes over the actual number of votes in crucial states, ballots are being counted again.

Trump’s Pick for HHS Chief is Obamacare Foe

Republicans hope the Georgia congressman will dismantle President Obama's signature achievement

Ben Carson Offered Job as HUD Chief

The former GOP candidate has no housing policy background, but will consider the offer

Hillary Clinton To Supporters: ‘America Is Worth It’

Emerging from a devastating loss, Clinton was encouraging despite the outcome of the election.

Keith Ellison’s DNC Run Draws Support, Critics

While Democrats praised him, the right wing attacked almost instantly

When You Talk to Your Kids on the Election…

Every parent has a duty to help their kids to understand what happened

Trump Defeats Clinton, Shocking Nation

The billionaire real estate mogul stunned Hillary Clinton to become the 45th President of the United States

Calif. AG Kamala Harris Wins Senate Seat

She becomes California's first Black senator and the second Black woman senator ever

Election Day: Somali-American Wins Minn. House Seat

Ilhan Omar took a legislative seat making her the first of her ethnic background to do so in America

We’re With Her

[Editorial]'s leadership shares why they are voting for HRC and why you should do the same

CNN Severs Ties with DNC’s Donna Brazile

The political analyst's e-mails to the Clinton campaign were exposed by WikiLeaks

DeRay Mckesson Endorses Hillary Clinton

The activist lays out his reasoning in an op-ed.

Colin Powell Says He Will Vote for Clinton

The support is a turnaround from earlier criticisms