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U.S. Postal Service to Unveil New Rosa Parks Stamp

U.S. Postal Service to release new commemorative Rosa Parks stamp.

5 year-old Girl Abducted From Philly School Found Safe

Naiila Robinson, 5, was found safe Tuesday morning after being abducted from her Philadelphia elementary school by a woman on ...

Pres. Obama Says New Gun Laws To Be Released This ...

President Obama teased at coming gun control legislation during the final press conference of his first term.

T.I. Launches ‘GIVE Like a King’ Campaign

T.I. launches new global initiative to combat veteran homelessness.

Michigan Triplets Land in Same Prison

A set of triplets in Michigan land in jail.

George Zimmerman Sues NBC, Reporters

George Zimmerman sues NBC and reporters for defamation, claiming the network made him sound racist.

Couple Beats Son to Death For Lying About Homework

7-year-old "RJ" beat to death by parents for lying about homework and reading the Bible.

Zimmerman Attorneys Release New Photo of Bloodied Face

George Zimmerman's defense team releases new photo of bloodied face.

Judge Orders Chief Keef Gun Range Video

Judge orders Chief Keef gun range video from Pitchfork.

Obama Takes “Fiscal-Cliff” Campaign to Middle-Class

President Barack Obama iis taking his "fiscal-cliff" campaign to the home of a family in Northern Virginia on Thursday to ...

HIV/AIDS Risk Increasing For Young Black Men

Young, African-American men are at a high risk of contracting the HIV/AIDS virus.

Obama, Romney Have Lunch at the White House

President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney have lunch at the White House.

Native Americans Will Receive $3.4 Billion From Government

HELENA, Mont. — After nearly 17 years of courtroom arguments, congressional negotiations and Indian Country bickering, hundreds of thousands of ...

Jesse Jackson Jr. Submits Letter of Resignation

Rep. Jesse Jackson, Jr., a once rising political star who has been on a mysterious medical leave for months for ...

Documentary: Inmate May be Involved in OJ Case

A documentary says a Florida death-row inmate might have been involved in the murder of O.J. Simpson's ex-wife and her ...

Fewer Seek US Jobless Aid As Storm Distorts Data

The number of people seeking U.S. unemployment aid remained elevated for a second straight week because Superstorm Sandy forced many ...

R&B Great Billy Scott dies in NC

Billy Scott dead at the age of 70.

Hostess Makes Plans To Shut Down

By// Chandler Rollins Beloved snack food giant Hostess Brands, Inc., the maker of Ding Dongs, Wonder Bread and the infamous ...

FDA probing if deaths were linked to energy shots

5-Hour energy shots possibly linked to 13 deaths; FDA investigating.

Hotel Manager Fired After Giving Birth in Guest Room

Former hotel manager fired after going into labor in one of the guest rooms.

Mitt Romney Loses Facebook “Likes”

Mitt Romney loses Facebook "likes"; keeps track.