Officer Charged in Philando Castile Shooting

Prosecutor says officer had no reason to use deadly force

Protests Rise Over S. Africa Racist Coffin Assault

An incident in which two White men allegedly forced a Black man into a coffin has outraged the nation.

Examiner Says Keith Scott Shot in Back

An autopsy and toxicology report reveals more about the moment he died at the hands of Charlotte police

Voters Strengthened Civilian Oversight Initiatives

Ballot measures in several cities were passed to create or strengthen civilian oversight of law enforcement

Janet Reno, Former Attorney General, Dies

Serving a lengthy tenure under Bill Clinton, her time in office was largely tumultuous

Opening Arguments Begin in Michael Slager Trial

The former N. Charleson, S.C. officer's lawyers began their defense over the killing of Walter Scott

Philadelphia Transit Strike May Affect Election Day

Union members took to picket lines in an action that could threaten the upcoming election

Jury Selection Begins in S.C. Police Shooting Trial

Defense and prosecutors began to narrow down their picks for the jury box

Jury Questioning Begins in Tensing Trial

The trial of the former cop accused of killing motorist Sam DuBose gets under way

Students Angered at ‘Affirmative Action Bake Sale’

What conservative students called a protest was swiftly met with counter-protest

Judge Rules Flint Lawsuit Can Proceed

The suit claims government officials covered up toxicity in the water supply

Donald Trump Touts ‘New Deal’ for Blacks

The GOP presidential candidate focused on three areas of concern for Black Americans

Judge Rules on Admissible Evidence in Tensing Trial

Defense lawyers wanted to use issues in a police shooting victim's history in the case

Could Eric Garner Case Be Reignited?

Attorney General Loretta Lynch has replaced the existing staff investigating the case

Food Crisis Hits Haiti Weeks After Hurricane

More than 1 million people are threatened by lack of food resources, officials say

South Africa to Exit Int’l Criminal Court

The nation says the court has unfairly targeted the continent and is the second to withdraw

S.C. to Erect Memorial Remembering Lynching Victims

Anthony Crawford lynched a century ago in Abbeville, S.C. Now the town plans to memorialize him and similar victims

Derrick Rose Cleared of Rape Allegations in Suit

A jury determined that his accuser participated in a consensual sex act

Bobby Shmurda Headed to 7 Year Lockup

The "Shmoney Dance" rapper did not like the sentence imposed on him

Daughter of Sprinter Tyson Gay Slain; 3 Arrested

Trinity Gay, 15, was caught in the crossfire of a shootout early Sunday

Campus Cop Charged in Shooting Appears in Court

The University of Cincinnati officer is set to be tried for the death of Sam DuBose an unarmed Black motorist