This Week’s Lesson: Trust No One

The cast of Bravo's Shahs of Sunset

The cast of Bravo’s Shahs of Sunset

I’ve watched several shows this week — Marrying the Game, Basketball Wives LA Reunion Part 2 and Mary Mary are a few— but my favorite by far has been Shahs of Sunset. For those not familiar with the program, it’s a Bravo series (now in it’s second season) that highlights the lifestyle of several characters in the Persian community.

I like it for one reason: It dispels the often-spewed notion that African-Americans are the only ones that don’t know what to do with money. This show is so ridiculous. And I love it because the cast really doesn’t seem like they’re acting— meaning they’re either really good, or so, so bad.

This week’s episode focused on the relationship between Reza and MJ. It was interesting for a few reasons:
1. We learn that Reza, who is an openly gay male, slept with MJ, his best friend and business partner, who happens to have a vagina and large breasts. WTH!
2. We also learn the extent of Reza’s vengefulness. He invites a third friend in to his office, the very sexy Mike (a no-neck, bulging bicep sporting virile specimen of a man — I likey) to be his business partner. A position MJ currently holds.
3. But most interestingly, we learn that neither Reza nor MJ actually own a damn thing— when it comes to business! They are agents/brokers for another company owned by a…white man.

I found the third revelation to be most intriguing, as the show initial premise was touting the cast as members of the Persian elite who were independently wealthy and living life to the fullest; an apt colloquialism that comes to mind is a phrase that gained famed thanks to Jim Jones, “Ballin’”. But what we really learn is the extent of game this gang possesses.

Like many fans, I paid more attention to the designer garb and Moet toasts, and let the more telltale signs of class and clout, such as apartment size, sweep by me by rationalizing that many cities have million-dollar condos. But I’ve been bamboozled. These guys are part of the fabulous struggle. They are not bosses or ballas, they’re simply posh posers, which deserves some adoration, but much less than the former. That said, my eyes were further opened to the extent folks go to project the image of money, and how they’ll hurt ‘supposed loved ones’ to get more.

To date, Reza and MJ were besties living famously off sales commissions, albeit at someone one else’s firm, but everything has halted because of her allegiance to Gigi. Come on, we all see “why” MJ is so into her. Gigi is compact dynamo choc ful of pseudo confidence and real martial arts moves. Reza knows MJ has issues! Punishing her by bringing in make to take her job was whack.

Now don’t get me wrong MJ will turn her back and run, especially during an argument, quicker than a chain snatching whore at All-Star weekend — but it is never malicious. But what Reza did, especially by using passive aggressive tactics, was cold-hearted. I felt MJ’s pain. She was blindsided and given an ultimatum: Gigi or her livelihood.

One thing is obvious, the girl will have to decide what she prefers on her side: LV bags or an unemployed, temperamental brat.

We’ll see.