SWV: Nip, Tuck & Lies

I was really surprised to see that the two of the ladies — Coko and Leelee —  from SWV got nipped and tucked… and lied about it.

Ok, the ladies didn’t try to hide the fact that they received detailed body contouring — liposuction, Brazilian butt lifts, etc… —  from fans, but they decided not to share that fact with the person who mattered most: Taj, the third member of their group. On a recent episode we see the two gals pull one the oldest tricks from the “dude’s handbook of shade”, a lie of omission, when they opt for surgery right before a series of performances and keep it a secret until they are hobbling around bloodied and swollen.

Watching the show I was amazed by how ladies, who all tout that they want to rekindle their sisterhood and learn how to work together in a positive way,abandon their sense of duty and honor so easily. Trust isn’t a blanket. It’s more like a wall that’s assembled brick by brick. Everything that you do and say serves to reinforce that great wall or help it crumble.

While getting plastic surgery on the down low might not have seemed like a big deal to Coko and LeeLee — that was evidenced by their actions — I completely sympathized with Taj. She seemed totally blind-sided. Not only could either of the ladies have had  irreparable damage and she’d be on none the wiser, it  completely impacted the group’s ability to perform and travel.

Now, I don’t think it’s easy to be on any team. Girl groups have tons of challenges, from managing their wifely and motherly duties, to competing with other artists. I simply think that honor matters — and I’m not just talking about honoring yourself. A group is a union, much like a marriage. In my opinion this trio needs to operate under the golden rule here and treat  each “sistah” as if she were a significant other— totally in a non sexual way of course…unless, well, you know what I mean. My reasoning is simple, ladies have a tendency to put a lot of weight in our romantic relationships. We’re careful not to offend, undermine or neglect. I suggest we adopt that mantra for ALL relationships.

Spreading the love will only enhance the interaction.


Tell us your thoughts. Should we give friendships the same consideration as romantic partnerships?