Mary Mary is Back For Second Dose of Reality

Mary Mary
Mary Mary

On Tuesday I got a sneak preview of the new season of gospel diva’s Mary Mary reality show —and met the ladies— at a WEtv event. There was a lot to love about the program, now in its second season— and I’m not talking about the sisters’ voluptuous shapes. Mary Mary’s first season disproved the stigma that has been equivalent to the “stripper myth”(you know, they’re all in college) of Black-female led reality shows: Wholesome drama works. And we will watch it.

Tia Brown, Mary Mary

Tia Brown, Mary Mary at JET Offices

The sibling act often disagrees, engages in polarizing arguments and occasionally comes cliffhanger-esque close to a break-up, but nothing offensive, crazy or trifling ever happens. You, know kind of like most people’s lives. The show reminds me of my family, and the Black families I know— or at least, like to be around— who love bigger than bickering.

The second season delivers a higher octave of the same. It kicks off with the ladies managing touring to promote their new album… with the additions of Erica’s new baby girl, Zaya, and Tina’s perfectly rounded bump. The sisters bring along their mom for sitting duty. And Goo, their sister/stylist, is also on call. There’s just one issue: everything is still chaotic.

Erica’s exhausted. Playing holy diva during the day, and nursing mom at night are two full-time gigs. Tina is literally blowing up. Between her expanding belly, which is constantly cramping due to her hectic schedule, and the raging hormones that have magnified her absentee parent guilt, she’s on edge. Plus, Goo is pushing the stress factor by opting to focus on another sister’s wedding— while Mary Mary is touring— not sure what’s up with that (hoping for a bigger check maybe?).

WARNING: If you’re looking for sisters slap-boxing, cussing and sleeping around this is not the show. You can expect lots of laughs, sighs and “Oh, no she didn’ts!”. Can’t wait until next week. And tell me what you think if the new season’s premiere.

Mary Mary airs Thursdays at 10pm ET on WEtv.