Love and Hip Hop Atlanta: Changing a Man?

Sometimes I really despise Love and Hip Hop Atlanta‘s resident playboy Stevie J. Watching the reunion special was one of the occasions.

On the last episode of the season viewers say Stevie J propose to Joseline Hernandez and his ex, Mimi Faust. According to Stevie, both women were his life partners. Obviously, on Stevie fully understands his own motives and choices. He claims to love both women while continuously hurting and disrespecting both. Mimi has thrown in the towel and burned it. Joseline’s approach is very different: She plans to change Stevie J.

It was actually sad watching Joseline recount the hurt she’s experienced due to her parents neglect — I hate the Stevie preys on women who have been abandoned — but my empathy was quickly replaced by laughter when the former stripper said that her (ahem) bedside manner and bad chick ways can whip her man into shape.  Really?

Any hope I had for  Ms. Hernandez evaporated when she started berating Mimi about her age and taunting her sexual skills as a reason to keep a man faithful. It’s so pathetic. For the record, there is nothing you can do to make any person faithful. And lets not forget that Stevie J is as devastatingly traumatized as his victims.

While I was watching the show all I could think about was the price some of us are willing to be pay for what looks like love, and what we hope will grow into stability. It is my hope that all three folks in that messy love triangle realize the only person they can change is themselves.