Kandi Burruss Says “I Do” to Love

The hopeless romantic in me shed a tear when I found out that Kandi Burruss finally tied the knot with Todd Tucker.

After all, like many of you, the recent JET cover girl is a friend in my head. My happiness was compounded by the brave example it sets for other professional, successful, beautiful women: It’s okay to be vulnerable.

For much of their relationship both parties have been criticized because Kandi is a millionaire and Todd is not. It sounds ridiculous when said so plainly, but it’s the truth.One of Todd’s biggest naysayers is Kandi’s mother, Mama Joyce, who many speculate covered her fear of losing her daughter by directing anger towards the man who is now her son-in-law.

On a recent episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, a teary-eyed Todd told Mama Joyce that he hoped they could endeavor to have a relationship where they she liked and grew to love him. Mama Joyce just wasn’t there then — and based on reports  it seems like she isn’t now.

But it didn’t matter.

Finally, Kandi had to open herself up to the risk of losing. Would she lose either her mother’s approval or the chance to have her version of a happily ever after? I think choosing the latter was wise.

No amount of money is large enough to combat loneliness.

So while it’s easier for outsiders to talk about prenuptial agreements and assets, it seems harder for them assess the challenge that lies in meeting, connecting and working it out with someone you enjoy. That is priceless. Even better, sometimes the happily ever after doesn’t have an expiration date! Folks always talk about the 50% of marriages that end in divorce; what about the other 50%?

Kudos to Kandi for going for the big win in work and love. And lets pray she is prepared for the worst that marriage can offer, but gets its best.