How to Move Among Vultures

Kudos to Love and Hip-Hop’s Yandy Smith for exercising something we don’t always see on the show: maturity.

This week we learn that one of Smith’s castmates, Rashidah Ali, dated her current beau, the controversy-laden Mendeecees Harris (he recently beat charges related to having inappropriate contact with a minor and is currently battling drug charges). When the ladies collide at a brand event, Ali tries to bait Smith into an altercation — at a work event.

First, Ali admits to keeping a lump sum of money Harris gave her to secure an apartment for him while they were being intimate — not dating— because he was running her name thru the mud. Next, Ali shares that if she finds out Harris continues to tell the truth about what she did there would be problems. And when Smith didn’t bite Ali tried to antagonize her further by saying she would find Harris to settle the score. Surprisingly, Smith kept her cool.Instead of arguing with her cast member about the ridiculousness of her stance, she simply stated that she’d like to keep things professional and handle all the issues woman to woman.

I was impressed by Smith’s approach. For a show that often highlights coordinated slap boxing over conversation it was nice to see Black women maintaining their cool— even if was just for a moment. Looking forward to what’s next.

Love and Hip airs Mondays, 8pm ET on VH1