She’s Back: Chrissy and Mr. Jones

Full disclosure: I have a totally non-sexual crush on Chrissy Lampkin.

She is a friend in my head. I like her swag. I think she’s beautiful. And most important, I rarely agree with any of her decisions! That’s why I could barely contain my yelps of glee the other night when I saw the promos for the new season of VH1’s Chrissy & Mr. Jones. If the show lives up to it’s hype, there will be tons of reasons to watch.

First, it seems like the couple still hasn’t tied the knot — what the hell! I don’t understand the hold up. She’s doing all of the duties of a wife sans the ultimate payment: the title. Shacking up when you want to get hitched is like committing to being a lifelong intern; people will always expect more from you, but when major decisions happen, you’re reminded that you never completed your paperwork.

Another issue teased is whether Chrissy will finally polish off her stilettos and handle the corporate things sans her man. There are so many latent issues surrounding this topic that the show barely touched last season, including her relationship with her parents, her lack of confidence and insecurities regarding waiting so long to focus on her own career.

Speaking of waiting, we also see that Chrissy has elected to hold off on having a bambino and have even moved Jim’s 10-year-old son into their home. It will be interesting to see how that impacts the family dynamic. I can’t wait to watch!


Season 2 of Chrissy and Mr. Jones debuts on Monday, October 28 on VH1 at 9 p.m./8 p.m. Central.