Blood, Sweat and Heels: Black is the New Brat

One thing came to mind while watching this week’s episode of Blood, Sweat and Heels: What a bunch of brats!  Then of course the therapist in me modified my assessment to “there is a bunch of bratty behavior being exhibited.”

First, we have Melyssa Ford whining about how broke she is, but refusing to work… as a freaking real estate agent. Now, don’t get me wrong; all jobs can be challenging.  But this chick is complaining about showings, which is literally walking around!

Next we have Geneva Thomas and Daisy Lewellyn complaining about a a column “their sister in journalism” Demetria wrote referencing conversations they exchanged during an event. Come on, Demetria’s job is to write about her that’s what she did.

Last, and certainly most entertaining, is Mica Hughes. The former model-turned-agent has a boyfriend who acts like Fonsworth Bentley — opening the doors, serving the ladies drinks and meal courses — guess she’s the Diddy of their house. While I’m all for amended gender roles, this couple’s actions seem a little, how do you say…weird

Ironically, I wasn’t totally put off by it. I’m happy to finally see Black women acting like Buppie princesses instead of just b**ches. I hope they keep it up — we’re only a few episodes in!