Malaysia Pargo: 5 Rules For Wannabe NBA Wives

Basketball Wives LA star Malaysia Pargo gives rules for women who want to date a baller.

Like many of you, I’ve been watching the new season of Basketball Wives L.A. (BBWLA). And the show delivers on the drama from the start. Some people look down on such reality series, but I actually think it does a good job of showing the things money can’t buy, such as class or peace of mind. Every time I watch an episode, I do an equation in my mind: Will Player X + Drama + Distance + Y (whatever unknown variable) = Happiness.

I’d REALLY have to love the dirty drawers of a player to date one. Still, I know some women are willing to look past strangers’ dirty drawers just be with one.

Because I’m no expert on what it takes to be a pro-baller wife, I decided to ask BBWLA star Malaysia Pargo for some things women should know before going one-on-one with any athlete. Consider yourself warned!

Here are Pargo’s five tips:

Rule No. 1 — You’re NOT the Love of His Life. “Whether he’s playing well or poorly, expect to go through a range of emotions because basketball is his first love. Basketball is his dream. Basketball is his baby. Many of these men have been fantasizing about making to the NBA since they were children. They wake up and go to sleep playing ball. You can never replace that.”

Rule No. 2 — Be Prepared to Be a Rolling Stone. “Few guys stay on one team for a long period of time. You have to be prepared to leave any life you’ve create at a moment’s notice, go to a new city and start all over. You never get to settle in.”

Rule No. 3 — The Faint of Heart Need Not Apply. “At any moment in a game your man can be injured. That means you have to be prepared to be his backbone through surgeries and rehab. You have to be a nurturer.”

Rule No. 4 —  No Need To Hunt Trouble. “Don’t look for groupies or another woman to try to replace you. Anything that comes in your face, deal with then.”

Rule No. 5 — Don’t Drop Your Hustle. “Continue to update your craft and make sure that you always have something for yourself, regardless of how successful your partner becomes. If you are a stay-at-home mom, be the best and most fulfilled one. Don’t get lost in your relationship.”


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