Real Housewives of Atlanta (Yawn)

Is it me, or is Real Housewives of Atlanta kind of boring so far?

We’re episodes in and the lowlights highlights have been:

1. Porsha Williams crying over getting dumped by Kordell. Did she not see this coming? You can’t change the terms of a contract once money is exchanged. There’s nothing wrong with being a kept woman, especially if that’s what you and your man agreed to.

2. Cynthia bleeding. Really…I love Cynthia but the tears. Asking can she be fixed?

3. Kenya Moore getting evicted. I don’t even get why she was still in that house. If your landlord is crazy, move.

The one thing I do like about this season is the ladies’ no-nonsense attitude about Kenya’s vast miscalculation around outing her decision to steal flirt with Phaedra Parks’ husband, Apollo. For those who missed it, in last season’s finale Kenya was very vocal about exchanging inappropriate texts with Apollo.  It seems that Kenya thought her beauty/drama queen status would trump Phaedra’s wife card.  It didn’t.  The fact is most decent women will take offense with someone being inappropriate with another person’s husband. Marriage is a fragile thing, filled with tons of ups and downs (read: potential opportunities for infidelities) and no woman wants to be around another girl liable to take advantage of that— because her man could be the next target.

Overall, I’m hoping the ladies start bringing the heat.