R&B Divas Season Two Recap Ep. 1 – Syleena Gets Froggy

By// Quassan Castro

The biggest highlight of R&B Divas last night was the showdown between Syleena and Nicci. Both R&B singers got into diva mode for-real, as both women hailed insults at one another in Syleena’s home. For dinner, a taste of catty bickering was served. The tension mounted over Syleena supposedly hitting Monifah in the face, an act that allegedly took place many moons ago on season one. Nikki was called a, “bitch” and thrown out of Syleena’s house. Nikki didn’t leave without hurling her own batch of pepper words. Later, Monifah yells at Nikki for defending her honor while both women attempt to have an outside communion with nature.

KeKe is accused of being unprofessional by vocal coach, Big Jim, while practicing for a tribute to Chaka Khan. I searched for evidence of her, “unprofessional behavior,” the only thing I found was her annoying awkward face making that appears as though she’s constipated. Avante shows he’s still relevant with a miss of a flight, in which, KeKe is at his mercy waiting for his arrival to rehearse a song for the Chaka tribute. Latocha Scott, former member of Xscape, made her debut on the scene wondering what the heck did she get herself into. By the way, Latocha looks really well and seems to be in a good place.

Faith manages to avoid the diva drama by, “traveling.”

With all the diva screams, obnoxious face making from KeKe and acidic tongues, the divas did a superb job singing a blend of Chaka Khan classics; the performance was a tribute to the legendary singer for the Trumpet Award. All of the women vocally were strong, though it was KeKe that got Chaka out of her chair.

Next week should be quite interesting as singer Angie Stone arrives. From the looks of things, mama Angie arrives with some attitude! See you next week.

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