R&B Divas Recap – Season 2 Ep. 2

By// Quassan Castro

Faith gets Syleena’s take on her most recent argument with Nicci. In case you missed it, Syleena got so annoyed with Nicci at a women’s gathering at her house, that she kicked Nicci out. Both women are childish.

Neo Soul/R&B Diva, Angie Stone arrives to Atlanta with southern drawl in tact and breast milk handy for the needy divas. “I’ve been in the music business for over thirty years,” Angie says to the divas. It’s her attempt to warn the women she’s the head DIVA in charge. I flash back thirty years ago to scan my life for an Angie Stone. Let’s see, I was a resident at 58 Lafayette Street, overdosing on my grandmother’s buttered tortillas, lit a few matches or two. New Edition was popular. Prince was popular. No sign of Angie Stone. Wait actually, Angie was a member of a group called, “The Sequence” in the early eighties.

At Angie’s intro meet and greet, she encourages the ladies to let go of the petty disagreements and unite as women. The direct speech from Angie, immediately makes Keke feel convicted as she retorts, “I feel like you’re speaking to me.” Angie replies, “I’m speaking to everyone!” The meet and greet with Angie stirs up raw emotion amongst the women. Angie takes out her bad girl repellent juice, walks around the room and blesses each divas forehead. Syleena’s not impressed, the potential tour is what she desires. Something foreign jumps out of Monifah during the exorcism. She slams Syleena and Nicci for their consistent bickering. A plea for each lady to work on herself is the message from Monifah. Prayer becomes the remedy followed by another catty feud.

Hair pinned up diva-style, Nicci pays her girl Monifah a visit. The visit is prompted by Monifah’s urging the women to deeply reflect within themselves in order to heal. Nicci believes a friend of her enemy is an enemy to her. During her visit with Monifah, Nicci dubs Monifah as an Iyanla Vanzant knock-off. Nicci tells Monifah she’s not violent but teeth on the floor would be the solution to disrespect towards her. A toast to 90’s diva hood is the more viable solution at the end on the conversation.

Meanwhile back at the ranch, Latocha and Keke get to know one another on a day of fabulous shopping. Both women have husbands whom also manage their careers. Latocha is married to Rocky Bivens. Rocky was Xscape’s manager back in the day. Turning the manager switch off can be a challenge, Latocha tells Keke, as it relates to being married to her manager. Keke says she turns the manager switch off by asking her husband Michael to shut up. Latocha darts a signature blank stare at Keke.

Sister Angie decides to hold a luncheon with the divas. This time around she doesn’t want to hear a rat piss on carpet. All are in compliance except for the nutty Keke. A glass of wine is on Keke’s mind. She orders her glass of expensive wine in the middle of Angie’s sermon. Angie rises out of her chair and finds the, “daw.” Keke reminds the ladies her mama lives in Kentucky not within Angie Stone. Moments later Keke goes on a diva tirade, calling forth her inner stereotypical gay man and says, “honeychilebooboogirlgokillyourself.” The best line throughout the entire show. Unfortunately the show ends with Keke calling the accomplished Angie, an “ old bitch.”