‘R&B Divas’ Recap Ep. 8 – The Season Finale Sees Tempers Flare

By// Quassan Castro

We’ve all been counting down the days to see what happens on the season finale of R&B Divas Season 2, especially since he drama gets thicker with each episode. Last night, we got our fill of the circus thanks to shenanigans that could have easily landed Nicci and Angie in the nearest ER due to the wrath of Syleena and KeKe. So much for my hopes of a team-like show where grown women can treat each other with respect, dignity and honor.

Syleena J. Celebrates, Angie Becomes A Chatty Cathy and Latocha Has Her Drink and Her Two Step

It’s a night of celebration and Syleena J. is the diva of honor. Syleena celebrates the release of her new music with an almost extravagant listening party. I have to congratulate Syleena, because the music from 9ine sounds is worth rocking out to. In fact, the music was so groovy that Latocha got up and does the dutty wine, well almost. What should have been a night solely focused on Syleena’s victory turns into a gossip fest thanks to first lady Angie. Angie calls Nicci’s charity efforts tainted (yup, we’re still on that). When I think of the term tainted, I don’t think of a charity, I think of a spiked drink but maybe that’s just me.  Remember the last episode where Angie accused Nicci of running a fraudulent charity? Well, that’s not over, and the ladies exchange their issues relating to Nicci’s charity efforts in a manner that is similar to war veterans sharing combat stories. Monifah, in her confessional, says she doesn’t want any monetary exchange for a ‘silly charity.’ Oops!

Nicci Emily Rose Visits Monifahville Horror

Michael, Monifah and KeKe share a good cup of tea in Monifah’s brightly lit apartment. The flavor is Nicci Chamomile. As much as they profess to love po’ Nicci, they sit around questioning if Nicci is a FDQ (fraudulent business queen). I was irritated with that conversation because if you’re a real friend, you should know where her intentions lie. The gullible trio allows Angie’s warning of a possible charity scam effort to bring out serious doubt. Eventually, Nicci shows up with a mischievous grin. From the stank energy in the room, it should of been clear she walked into a hot kitchen where backstabbing was served as the main course but she put up with it because she came to clear her name. The mere thought of being called a fake sends Nicci into a psychotic state, and she cusses and rages, calling Angie every name invented by the devil. Michael stares as if he encountered a demon with a pretty weave.

I’s Bout to Be Married Now

Terez pops the question to Monifah in a romantic setting complemented by serene nature. Monifah breaks down as she agrees to marry Terez. The exchange may have in fact made history as being the first African American lesbian couple to get engaged on reality television.

Nicci Channels Mommie Dearest During Charity Event: ‘I buy you beautiful dresses, and you treat them like they were some dishrags!’

Finally, the charity event comes to fruition. “Disclaimer, this is the moment where I’ll be super b****.” announces Nicci as she welcomes everyone kindly. Stress levels are high and Nicci makes good on her promise as she doesn’t become ignorant, she becomes ignit. “I already knew I was going to have drama today,” she says, trying to be as stoic as possible. Nicci walks around barking orders at her team. I felt horrified for the hired help; they crept around as if not to get on mommie dearest’s bad side. I sort of felt like I was watching a scene from The Devil Wears Prada. Monifah tries to rock the mic but she can’t get it up and running. Monifah reports her troubles with the PA to the head diva in charge and of course Nicci becomes a defensive child unable to handle critique…about a technology failure.

Monifah handles herself like a professional but Nicci could use some etiquette classes and a pack of Cymbalta Gummy Bears since she clearly has a problem dealing with pressure.  The performance part of the charity would have been a mess if KeKe and her brother had not given a stellar performance.  I love KeKe’s stage presence but let’s note that the other divas in the “crew” did not show up to get a taste.

Special Place: I-95 Hell with Gasoline Drawers

Angie decides to attend KeKe’s birthday dinner even though both ladies clashed in the past.  Keke says it hurts her spirit when the divas can’t come together in love, and the chaos between the ladies makes her want to pass gas (KeKe and her gassy TMI, smh). Keke takes the attention off of her born day celebration by voicing her dismay to Angie, in a quirky manner, of course. She blames Angie’s chattering as the reason for the ill feelings directed towards Nicci. “I’m not in the mood for no bull crap today,” Angie snaps. KeKe puffs out her chest and says, “What you want to do about it? We can take it outside.” Classy Angie dismisses any challenges to a fight, besides she’s got drawers older than KeKe, right? After one diva flame is put out, another manifests. Instead of Nicci becoming acquainted with her appetizers, she uses her chow down time to come for Syleena and when that fire ignites, Nicci tosses kerosine on it by snapping, “Bring it down Godzilla!”

I don’t know about you but Syleena appeared to have negative energy coming from her pores prior to Nicci saying a word. Before I could take another bite of my sugar free chocolate cookie, Syleena sneaks a punch line in, “You’re a man with a wig. You look like a baboons ass!”  For a minute after that, I forgot to chew because I’m embarrassed for both women. Nicci rants back a little bit but she’s no match for Syleena this go round. “What you did is a sin and it’s a special place in hell for a B**** like you that causes division amongst women.” Syleena basically chewed Nicci up and spit her out like a batch of raw sunflower seeds with that read and it’s safe to say that she should write a book entitled, “How To Read and Serve Your Enemies Wig on a Platter: For Dummies,” with NeNe Leakes as the co-author.

And on that note, we’re done for now. Next week is the reunion…You think the tension is gone? Not!

Quassan Castro is a news and entertainment journalist. Follow him on twitter @Quassan.