R&B Divas Recap Ep. 6 – Syleena Reads Nicci…Again

By// Quassan Castro

I took a break from the drama that is R&B Divas so I could focus on conducting celebrity interviews, but I’m back! I caught up with the saga during last night’s episode where Nicci and Syleena took the lead in the fiascos of the night.


Monifah greets Nicci by way of her ratchet nickname, “Stinka Butt.” I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to be known as anybody’s stinka butt especially amongst my haters. Plus that wouldn’t be my nickname for Nicci if I had my way. Nicci is, “mean-mug nic nic,” because she’s always giving someone the stank face.  On a brighter note, Monifah gives Nicci much praise for her AIDS benefit performance. Angie Stone beams like a proud mother at the bonding of the women as they came together and played nice for a worthy cause. Angie wants to see more sisterhood amongst the ladies and denounces the backbiting amongst the divas.

Boot Camp Snub: You Got Served

Syleena gets her workout on for her Mommy’s Got Soul video. Workout DVDs seem to be a trend for woman in reality TV looking to lose body fat while fattening their pockets. I was just delighted that she wasn’t on that donkey ish like you know whom from the other show Anyway, Nicci does the ultimate revenge tactic. Nicci appears in the Mommy’s Got Soul video but doesn’t give clearance for usage of her appearance. The lack of clearance from Nicci results in Syleena not being able to sell her workout DVDs, so she thinks.  Syleena and her annoying sister gripe about how they lost money. Yawn!  Both women need business management 101 cause they should have had everyone sign releases upfront. Basically, they got served.

Faith Don’t Want No Parts

Faith breaks the news that she can no longer play mama bear to grown women because she has real kids to look after. All the divas go into depressed mode but Faith, unfazed, passes the role of matriarch to Angie Stone. Angie smirks like the Grinch as she accepts her new role as mother-kill-the-drama. “I think it’s great Angie is in charge, but you can never replace a Faith Evans,” Syleena says. Leave it to Syleena to offer a half positive sentiment followed by after-shade. Faith eventually cries, which surprises the divas.  But she’s human, right? No sure why these divas were so stunned by her tears. The butt kissing toward Faith got a little drawn out. I would have much rather watched an hour of KeKe’s face making but I was happy when they switched gears and started singing my favorite Faith ballad, “Soon As I Get Home.”

Silly and Sillier

No clearance from Nicci for Syleena’s workout DVD can result in legal action, the lawyer advises. Why? Because these two fools didn’t sign a contract. Lawd! As much as I keep trying to root for Syleena and Syleecia, they keep making sucker business moves.  The Nicci snub was dubbed as a breach of integrity and character, not contract. Silly Syleecia recommends cutting Nicci out of the DVD. Syleena says cutting Nicci out would make the DVD appear weird. While both were having a moment in idiot land with each other I came up with a solution, use Monifah’s donkey where Nicci appears in the video. See if Richard Simmons is available, add him for humor purposes. Call Phadrea from the other ratchet show and see if her donkey is available for booking. Matter of fact, invite Barney and Spongebob to appear with Ciroc in tow.  Make it a big old weird party. Both women are silly.

The Read By Syleena

Nicci sits back Mafioso style at another one of Angie’s peace retreats gone haywire, Nicci tells the ladies they could hang it up, she’s not going on the invisible tour because she doesn’t trust Syleena or her sister. Syleena wants her sisters name out of the conversation until she can be in company to defend herself. Fair enough. “Maybe a ghost sent the email blast,” Nicci replies sarcastically. Can you believe these women are still talking about this freaking email blast from many episodes ago which advertised the “fake” tour! Angie warns the women that problems not dealt with become cancer that grows, which is great advice! Syleena bounces off of her seat, weave in tact, and comes for Nicci with, “I’m going to do something the devil ain’t never did to you,” she pauses and continues, “leave you alone!” Nicci got read, like a hood novel!

Next week, we find Angie giving Nicci the business despite her desire for “peace.” #Messy.

Quassan Castro is a news and entertainment journalist.

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