Love and Hip Hop: Who Likes a Side Chick?

Love & Hip-Hop New York
Love & Hip-Hop New York

Watching the latest episode of VH1’s Love and Hip Hop left me wondering about how we all view loyalty.

For those of you who haven’t been watching, two for the show’s main characters, Rich Dollaz and Yandy Smith, have started a record label — best of luck. One of the new acts they considered/considering signing is Amina Buddafly. She’s a decent singer  but her vocal abilities will always be eclipsed by one bad decision: marrying her manager, Peter Gunz, while he was living with the mother of his two children.

Even worse, the new Gunzes seem to think that core R&B supporters, many of whom are Black women, are going to support a side check getting a promotion, while the woman who supported Peter, financially and emotionally, gets publicly kicked to the curb for what appears to be typical family stress. Not going to happen, ever.

And emotional turmoil is only one component of the messy love triangle. Money matters play an even bigger role, as Yandy, co-owner of the label refused to sign Amina because she is friends with Peter’s ex. The question of whether to mix monetary moves with personal matters is always tricky. As a viewer, I am not a fan of Amina’s choice, specifically to share it publicly. Lets face it, relationships get messy. But to broadcast your room full of skeletons then ask folks to love and embrace you, nah, not so much.

But I also understand the other side of the argument. It’s her choice to share. She is talented. She will likely make some money. If she was already a superstar looking for a new team would there still be an issue? Truthfully, likely not. And I feel that was her gross miscalculation.

Much like Kenya Moore (Real Housewives of Atlanta) — who was forced to backtrack on her not so subtle innuendos about having inappropriate contact with castmate Phaedra Park’s husband… and seems to have a floundering storyline this season — Ms. Buddafly will learn that most women won’t support anyone with a vagina coming in between a relationship.

Side chicks may get promotions, but they rarely get respect. And in reality television, where loyalty is paramount when looking for a following, it also can impact your check. I suggest Amina get to re-strategizing asap.