Mamas Should Mind Their Business

Love and Hip Hop Atlanta
Love and Hip Hop Atlanta

I just had a chance to watch last week’s episode of Love & Hip Atlanta and I was really shocked to see Rasheeda’s mother get do out of pocket with Kirk, Rasheeda’s husband. Her mom viciously judged him. She gave him orders. She even cussed him out.

Some would argue she had reason to.

For those of you who haven’t been watching, Rasheeda is a late 30-something rapper who aspires to make it in the big leagues. She’s the queen of the Atlanta, but still a relative unknown outside of that circle — though she is respected by a loyal group of followers and known in the industry. Sadly, her music isn’t gaining traction. She’s getting older. And family’s pockets seem to be getting lighter. Oh yeah, she’s also preggers.

Rasheeda’s husband serves as a her manager, and was very displeased when he learned he’d be father… again (he apparently has a basketball team already). He instructed Rasheeda to get an abortion. She refused, then in walks Big Mouthed-Mama.

For some reason, the rapper’s mother thought it would be appropriate to not only have a very intimate conversation with her son-in-law, but disrespectfully tell him what he was going to do and what her daughter wasn’t going to do. I was completely blown by her gall. It’s natural for parents to want to protect their children, but interfering, and being rude, isn’t helpful. It also undermines the couples’ trust between each other. Even worse, it takes the focus off the real issue.

While I am not a fan of Kirk’s recent behavior with his wife, I applaud the way he handled her mother. He didn’t disrespect her, but made it clear she was out of line. He did what was right. Hopefully, he’ll do the same by his wife.