Making a Mockery of…Everything

I’m honestly surprised that I can watch Bravo TV’s Married to Medicine. When I first saw the previews I thought the show was ridiculous. I was right.

In case you haven’t been watching, the last few episodes have focused on a fist-fight between former friends, Mariah and Toya. The ladies gossiped about each other too much, then had a bar style brawl at an elegant event. Some time later we learn another friend, Dr. Jackie, is trying to help mend fences with a girl talk. It doesn’t go well. Eventually, Dr. Jackie hauls tail out of the session she created, noting the ladies are making a mockery of womanhood. I thought that was interesting.

All I could wonder was why it took Dr. Jackie so long to come to this realization. In my opinion, the show takes equal aim at everyone, women and me alike. It’s a total mock fest. You have half of the female cast talking about marrying for security (read:money), and the other talking about how their career consumes their life (so they can’t parent or be decent mates). Their male counterparts happily fall in line as doting, check-writing hubbies or mousy housemates for the female docs.

It’s sad to say, but without this fight Married to Medicine would be quite boring, and be a mockery of good reality television. Lets keep it 100%,  Real Housewives of Atlanta has already shed light on the prosperity driven lifestyle lead by Black professionals in the region. I hope there’s more story to tell. If not, there better be another fight.