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Made of Shade: Paula Deen is a Racist Clown

By// Quassan Castro

Dear Paula Deen,

While being questioned in a discrimination lawsuit, you admitted to using racial slurs in the past, particularly the N word. You insisted that your usage of racial slurs does not deem you prejudice or a racist. Paula, now which over baked hard buttered roll biscuit fell on your head? If you truly believe that using racial slurs do not make you prejudice or a racist then at the very least, can we agree that you’re a moron?

You admitted using racial slurs when speaking about Black employees at your restaurant. The same Black employees that probably receive minimum wage or very little salaries yet you plaster your face and name on the food they most certainly cook. And we’re pretty sure you get tips and tricks of the trade from them while your pockets get fatter as you travel the world doing the Macarena with Bubba.

Your greed consciousness is sickening; though not sicker than the way you insult African American and Latino folks with your denial of being prejudice or a racist. Paula, think of the legions of Black folks that tune into your show past and present, and those who have patronized your restaurant or other products in your brand. These are the same people you’ve insulted with the N word just as you have some of your employees. In my figment of imagination, I see you laughing at us while counting mucho dead presidents.

You’re trying to downplay you’re ignorance but the sweet old lady jig is up. You’re exposed. Stop insulting our intelligence. If you’re going to woman-up, go full throttle without further insulting us by making us believe you love dark faces. Paula, the Black community helps you to continue to grow your empire but hopefully that stops from now on. I also hope that your show(s) get canned. Any station or network run by people with sense won’t stand for a southern belle racist representing their brand.

Though I never did take to your over usage of sugar, butter, tired mimicking of dishes prepared in a lot of the homes of the folks you despise, I’ve completely canceled you out of my mind. I will continue to support Patrick and Gina Neely. I will continue to support Barfeoot Contessa (hopefully she doesn’t do anything as stupid). I will continue to support Marcus Samuelsson. I can’t rock with you Paula. Soul searching is what you need to do. It’s what we all do when we want to arrive at answers to life’s most challenging challenges. Paula, the next time you think about speaking, DON’T!

Quassan Castro is a news and entertainment journalist.

Follow him on Twitter @Quassan.