Love & Hip Hop Reunion: Shameless

What ever happened to shame?

While Love and Hip Hop Atlanta made headlines for what was said on camera — from Stevie J admitting to smashing his artist to K. Michelle asking about the size of her date’s sausage — the New York franchise should be making waves for what they are not saying, or defending.

If you’ve been watching this season, several of the ladies (Erica Mena, Raqi Thunda, Lore’l, Winter Ramos and Rashidah Ali) have been accused of some extraordinarily ratchet things. Instead of denying or dispelling the accusations the women have consistently just lobbed insults at their accuser. The most ridiculous constant of all these exchanges is that each woman behaving in a manner that’s comparably as trifling as her nemesis. Here are some examples of the ignorance just from the reunion show.

Rashidah Ali – Big red loves to come guns blazing for her favorite target is Raqi Thunda. Rashidah’s favorite slur is to call Raqi industry vagina (she uses a more profane term), but according to her, Raqi’s biggest flaw is slinging her crotch and not getting paid for it…while she is making money. So…if you’re boning and not getting paid you’re whack? When Raqi counters that Rashidah is a known scam artist who cons individuals out of money there is a loud silence regarding the issue. In fact, Rashidah perpetuates the rumor by admitting to keeping money a fellow co-star and ex gave her because she was mad at him.

Lore’l – Now her display of questionable morals really hurt me (single tear) because I was actually in the aspiring rapper’s corner. But when her frenemy, Winter, accuses her of sleeping their friends’ boyfriends Lore’l’s comeback isn’t a denial. Instead she states that Winter has slept with her best friend’s man and that’s probably who she is pregnant by. WTH?

Erica Mena – Throughout the season, Erica has consistently been vilified as manipulative wild card. She proved the theory correct during the last episode of the season when she was busted for sleeping with a woman after consistently lying about it— and in a “relationship” with her manager. Her defense? He never “claimed” her in public so she didn’t have to be honest.

The craziness isn’t over. Part 2 of Love and Hip Hop New York’s season finale airs next Monday at 8pm ET on VH1. And of course, Love and Hip Hop Atlanta returns later this month.