Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta: Is It Ok to Out Someone?

Love and Hip Hop Atlanta
Love and Hip Hop Atlanta

This week’s episode of Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta had its usual tomfoolery, with my personal highlight being Joseline Hernandez.

Joseline —who infamously had an with producer Stevie J while he was in a relationship with Mimi Faust — is now asking him to be faithful to her. Right. The way you get him is the way you lose him. Personally, I think  Joseline deserves everything she catches from Stevie J (you fill in the blanks). Despite having what she calls “diamonds” between her legs, a man will only change when he’s ready.

Speaking of transitions, one of the more interesting story lines for the episode is one that was teased. During a video shoot with Mimi Faust’s new man, K. Michelle mentions the shoot’s co-lead/artist is gay. The guys works with Mimi’s new man, Niko. Her outburst causes a major meltdown on set — and a rift in her relationship with Mimi, who K called one of her be sties in the past.

While I’m all for sharing details of someone’s scandalous past if they’re dating a friend, outing someone just because you can seems a little harsh. We all know how difficult it can be for individuals to disclose their sexual preference. And since K seemed very happy about Mimi having a relationship, one is lead to assume that she was concerned about whether the old ‘birds of a feather’  saying was a pro pro.  Either way, her disclosure causes much chaos. We’ll have to watch to find out what’s next.