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Love and Hip-Hop Star Won’t Pay for Wifey

I was watching Love and Hip-Hop 3 the other day and became thoroughly upset when rapper/ghost writer Consequence stated that women should pay their way. Really?

His live in girlfriend/baby mama, Jen,who happens to White, shared that she wanted more financial support from the rapper— who expected her to chip in to pay for things despite being unemployed. Should I mention that Consequence drives a Bentley? While in a heated discussion, Jen, shared that money is a constant issue to between them as her beau prefers to make her beg for cash than to set her up with access to an account or an allowance. She even claimed to be losing weight (a little dramatic, no?) But I got her sentiment.

While I’m not against women working, Jen made a few good points:
1. They have a young son (around 1 year old)
2. She maintains the house
3. It’s not abnormal for men to support their women— especially post baby

Consequence’s response was simple: “Not it my community”. Damn. Sadly, I think this a notion many minority/working class men hold. They’ve seen their mothers juggle raising kids, working and taking care of a house— often solo— and think wearing a super woman cape is par for the course. It’s not. By hustling, struggling, and often thriving in dire situations, African-American women have inadvertently created a punishment for their daughters: Men think women should be able to do it all. Now you have fools, such as Consequences, spouting ridiculous ideas about joint finances, women working and the leadership position of men in the house.

It’s great to say you’re head of household, but a true leader wouldn’t want his followers (wifey and child) to suffer while they roll in a top of the line luxury vehicle. Lets dismiss this ridiculous notion that women should do it all. After all, men sure as hell don’t.

Equality can’t simply financial.