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Twitter Titan: Gabby Sidibe vs Golden Globes Trolls

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Sometimes, Twitter can be used for good.

For example, the reading rainbow that snatched up George Zimmerman juror B37’s ill-advised book deal and in recent weeks, made pink mist out of Justine Sacco’s life PR career.

But too often, it is used for evil.

Last night, the online roasting of Gabby Sidibe’s Golden Globes attire was no exception.  First off, I don’t think Sidibe is here for the opinions of the shallow-minded.  Despite a mockery that started with her role as “Precious” and continues to this day, she takes the high road…as one of my friends refers to it, a path fraught with pot holes and tumbleweeds.  But last night, some folk went a step too far.


And Sidibe, currently starring in “American Horror Story” figuratively throat chopped them fools.



And for this, I bestow upon Gabby my Twitter Titan award. Keep fighting the good fight, Gabs. They don’t know you like that, boo.

What do you think? Did Gabby serve ’em or what?

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