Keeping It 140 w/Kyra

Celeb Twitter Feud Frenzy

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In one of the most powerful protest songs ever recorded, vocalist Edwin Starr growls onto the track: “War! What is it good for?”

The answer: “Absolutely nothing.”

If only folk on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook would get a whiff of what this Motown track was cooking.

Because this week, it was an online battlefield for celebrities.  The Twitter feud kicked off with:


Rihanna and Teyana Taylor tore each other APART, after Rihanna supposedly (with a lil’ help from her stylist) mocked her one-time friend’s stellar rendition of “Caught Up in the Rapture.” 

And when I say “supposedly,” I mean she did do it because the wig, fitted cap and song were a pretty obvious dig.

Welp, Teyana was not having any of it.  Not at all.  And she came back at Rihanna and even the Navy in spectacular fashion.  Relive the madness rather succinctly HERE via  Though I cannot say I was mad at Teyana for standing up for herself, the battle got ugly with Rihanna’s net worth dig prompting Teyana to resurrect that heartbreaking image of Rihanna, battered and bloodied by the fist of her ex, Chris Brown.  Not only did the fight reach a new low at that moment, it even threatened to get Teyana in hot water with some of her sponsorship deals.  Bottom line is: in this, or any other online battle, who really wins?  Just look back at Gucci Mane’s epic Twitter brawling and see where that got the “Lemonade” star.  Rihanna and Teyana are too rich and talented to be mudslinging across social media.  Hell, not even us civilians should want to be seen in this glaring and embarrassing light.  I highly doubt the two one-time photo buddies will kiss and make up, but at the least, I hope they’ll revert to a cold war that won’t set such a poor example for their youngest fans.


Joe Pesci’s fictional “Goodfellas” character ain’t got nothing on Kanye West.  The producer-rapper-designer and professional paparazzi hater went absolutely ballistic on Twitter, caps lock and all after seeing Jimmy Kimmel’s parody of a recent three-part interview he did with BBC Radio 1.  Kimmel recreated an exchange, during which West rails against “stealing” his idea for leather jogging pants, using two precocious children.  Let’s just say that ‘Ye was not amused.  In fact, the self-proclaimed  “number one rockstar” went in on his former friend, calling him a manipulator and announcing that his ex, Sarah Silverman, has him faded in the funny department.  His angry, hysterical tweets will likely land him on the monologue list for weeks to come.  It certainly made me think of life imitating a “South Park” episode.  For his part, Kimmel– who could most certainly unleash his comedic chops on West– chose to play the befuddled, “just-jokes” role, which ultimately made West look even worse, until THIS HAPPENED.   The lesson here: No matter your station in life, a sense of humor (especially about yourself) is critical.  I’m no fan of Justin Bieber, but you’ve got to give it to him for going through with this Funny or Die skit.  He made me a Belieber…for just a few minutes.


Doesn’t Adam Levine have enough to do judging The Voice?  Hasn’t he learned from Keyshia Cole and Kelly Price about sub-tweeting his fellow entertainers?  If he did learn, he shook the lesson off right before he sent this rather petty missive in Lady Gaga’s direction.




Somewhere Madonna is smiling.

YOUR TURN: What do you make of all this online ugliness?  Are Twitter, Instagram and Facebook the cause of this nonsense?  Or are people just using high tech tools to be the same dang fools they’ve always been?

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