Keeping It 140 w/Kyra

Keeping it 140: Twerk Fail, Metra Fighters

Credit: iStock

Man, oh man.

Some folks ought to be limited to flip phones and old Speak & Spells to keep their error-making selves off social media.

But since they don’t, I get to spend Friday chin checking them via this social media column. Here’s this week’s round-up of social media and I threw in some positive just so we can go into our weekends with a smile.

Pump It, Hottie

‘Memba that song from Redhead Kingpin?  It came to mind when I checked out this clown attempting to twerk on a wall only to fall and practically turn herself into a human Yankee candle.  Word to the wise: if this happens to you, destroy the media it was recorded on and try to glamour the memory out of anyone who bore witness.  Ma looks like a dang fool and, in addition to Miley, she just might kill the mainstream interest in twerking. Epic twerk fail does not even begin to describe…

Clash of the Entitled

These two dopes deserve a spot on Worldstar Hip Hop for basically trying to throw hands over a quiet car on the Chicago metra.  Kudos to the Chicagoist for putting their foolery on full display.  So, rappers get into beef and talk about record sales and how many women they can bag.  These middle-aged men get into it and start set tripping on behalf of the Board of Trade.

Racism in Aisle 7

The New York Daily News got the tea on a simple minded goof who mocked a pair of Muslim customers in a Facebook rant that proved he needs no employment anywhere.  The employee criticized two women’s traditional garb and then questioned why they were dressed that way in “his” country.  What country is that?  #nocountryforoldracists

Loc Love

Let’s end this journey to the center of social media stupidity on an up note.  Kudos to both Professor Yaba Blay and Twitter’s @kurlyklips for admirable efforts to support a seven-year-old girl who was sent home by her school simply for rocking locs.  We appreciate you for leveraging your online skills to make a positive impact.  Read more about that HERE.