Keeping It 140 w/Kyra

Keeping it 140: Rob Kardashian, Jaden Smith, and Dumb (Alleged) Bank Robber

Joe Budden is not playing with y'all. Don't tweet negative things at his shows or you're out!

Girl Talk

Is Rob Kardashian trying to be the Oran “Juice” Jones of Twitter?  Rob took to the micro-blogging site to stone cold bust some unlucky woman, asking such pointed questions such as what kind of woman sleeps with 20 men if she’s so busy with her career. This, just after breaking things off with his former boo, Rita Ora, according to an aptly titled “angry bird” rant on  And then RK tried to act amazed that the “media” drew the conclusion he was speaking of Ora in the goof troop backtrack of the week.


Hmmm…I think the best course of action would be not to philosophize on the number of sexual partners of random women in front of thousands of followers if you don’t want them putting 140 and 140 together.  Clearly, this one didn’t get counsel from Mama Kris before he hit “post.”

Children of the Corn

And in I-hope-he-was-hacked-news, the celebrity spawn of Will and Jada stands accused of losing his complete mind on Instagram, verbally assaulting a young lady he felt was roasting one of his fans and threatening to …well…you can read the crazy for yourself, courtesy of MTO.    Like I said, I wish this was the result of a hacking as purported in this piece, but if it’s not, hopefully it taught this young man a lesson.  Back in the day, you wrote an offensive note, you could attempt to snatch it back and rip it up.  No can do on the Interwebs.

 Rap Beef

Before I highlight this fan who was booted from a Joe Budden show after Tweeting that his concert was boring, I must confess.  Something like this kinda sorta happened to me before I learned the rules of the social media road.  I was at a show for one of my favorite artists, and I was very disappointed by an aspect of their show….even made up a snarky lil’ hashtag.  About 10 Tweets later, I had earned myself a new enemy and lost any chance of a future interview.  So, now that I’ve outed myself for past transgressions, let’s move on to this fan, who actually Tweeted a pic of NoDoz to illustrate her dissatisfaction with Budden’s set up in Oakland.  The rapper actually had security find her and boot her from the venue before he would perform.  Talk about touchy!


Yes, there are quite a few idiots on social media, but you will soon learn why this one topped them all to be listed as the last, and worst, offender of the week.  This Nebraska-based noob (who looks like a rough Michelle Williams) allegedly robbed a bank, collected about $6,000 and then went on YouTube to brag about her take. The “Chick Bank Robber” video featured this choice remark, ” “I just stole a car and robbed a bank. Now I’m rich, I can pay off my college financial aid and tomorrow I’m going for a shopping spree.”  Welp, Miss Thelma Without the Louise, looks like you’re going for a bid right about now.  Piece of advice: Don’t upload your defense strategy to vimeo.