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Keeping it 140: Stacey Dash, Daycare Workers, and Neno Best

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Kyra Kyles

Welcome to Keeping it 140. I’m Kyra Kyles, the Managing Editor of, who moonlights as a social media stalker, tracking the good, bad and ugly of online sharing. I’ll mostly be taking celebs and public figures to task for gaffes on the Interwebs (I see you, 50 Cent and Chris Brown). But I’ll also offer advice on how we civilians can keep it together on sites like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and… um… MySpace, that is, if you’re still lurking around on the latter outlet.  Just think of me as the Emily Post of posting.

Consider this a postcard from sunny Los Angeles, where I am sequestered until Monday.

Well, not sequestered, but it sounds more interesting than just saying “on vacation.”

Still, I couldn’t allow my travels to interrupt the weekly run down of social media shenanigans and victories that is Keeping it 140.  Here’s the Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter tomfoolery up to mid-week, and do let me know in comments if I missed anything during my West Coast adventures. I promise to get ’em next time around.

Here goes:


So, Mayor Bloomberg doesn’t even have to stop and frisk some fools. Rapper Matthew Best aka struggle MC Neno Best allegedly tipped the po po off to New York City’s biggest gun sting in history with an ill-advised Instagram. Mr. Best reportedly marveled at an “old ass gun” via his account, leading to the capture of 250 illegal weapons, according to outlets including the New York Post. Damn near 20 arrests were made. If I were this picture-posting dude, I’d petition to be put in solitary because he is bound for a beating from anyone he outed. What did Lil’ Wayne say? Real G’s move in silence like lasagna. True, true.

Aspiring Brooklyn rapper Matthew Best alluded to gun sales in Instagram posts and YouTube videos.


Clueless, the Sequel

Stacey Dash must be going for VIP status in Keeping it 140. The glib, so-called conservative has made this list (and not in a good way) for past infractions, including an impassioned defense of n-word user Paula Deen. Now, she feels the need to lash out at Oprah for comparing Trayvon Martin to Emmett Till. She even had the nerve to mangle the meaning of a Malcolm X quote. My advice is for her is to stop these idiotic Twitter rants and go on back into hiding until Jimmy Fallon calls her up for a “Clueless” reunion.


Daycare Dummies

Man, this last one really makes my blood boil.  I’m not even a parent yet, but this is offensive as anything I’ve seen online this week. Some goof daycare workers decided to amuse themselves by posting images of small children in their car, mocking one for an inability to speak yet and another for having teeth supposedly reminiscent of a character in the movie “Cars.” Warning, the local TV reporter who exposed this craziness is doing THE MOST including a cringe-inducing moment where he tries to yell questions at the daycare owner through the glass door in a classic gotcha move, but you have to watch this in its entirety. I’ll tell you, if this were my kid, these pariah would have to join the witness protection program. Check out the video HERE.


Do the Right Thing

Let’s end on a positive note. Congratulations to Spike Lee, whose Kickstarter campaign continues to astound fans, and likely, some foes. The iconic director raised $1.5 million for his latest project, for which he has already cast two leads. I’m sure this has surprised and saddened a Bloomberg reporter who found out what happens when you draw the ire of the man behind “She’s Gotta Have it” and “School Daze.” I’m guessing he will not be making another appearance on the show to update them of his achievement.