Keeping It 140 w/Kyra

Learn from Gucci Mane’s Mistakes

I’ll bet if you’ve been paying attention to social media this week, you laughed at least once at the 350-degree, high-heat oven broasting (not roasting) of Gucci Mane.

The embattled and ice cream cone-obsessed rapper was taken to task by Nicki Minaj and Tyga, then the whole weight of Twitter after some absurdly worded multiple day expose about who had slept with whom in the industry. (H/T: Hello Beautiful)

His brother is now claiming he was hacked.

At any rate, the end result was Gucci suffering insults like these…

And memes like these…


Um. Yeah.  As of the time of this post, he had wisely removed himself from Twitter and moved on to fighting random dudes in the mall.  But there is something to be learned from his foolhardy Twitter tirade.  Add this to your Keeping it 140 class notes.

1.  If you’re mad, pick up a phone. Better yet, talk it out in person.

Gucci felt he had been wronged by the hip hop Sybil and beau of Black Chyna.  Hell, he felt he had been wronged by the industry.  Still, the bottom line is, that though it’s easy to get your anger out fast through a Tweet or Facebook post, it is very dangerous.  Even if you’re not a celebrity, somebody in your circle could certainly screen grab that hot mess and embarrass you after the fact.  I’m sure there is a catharsis in hitting “post” on something that you truly believe, but it’s ill advised.  And rather often, short lived.

2. Speak the King’s English

Yeah, acronyms from IMHO to LBVS  to SMH are acceptable in our new micro-speak, but please do not make up your own hot mess of a language that sounds like Sanskrit and/or something you copped off the Dead Sea scrolls.  How are you going to snap and nobody knows what you are saying?

3.  Don’t go prosciutto on too many people at one time.

This is just common sense.  It’s better to streamline your ire because honestly, even if you go after one person, others may spring to their defense.  But Gucci’s “300” attack on everyone in the damn industry, and some folks at craft services for his “Lemonade” video was just plain dumb.  Predictably, a flock of folks came out of the woodworks to fight against him.  And no, unlike the movie starring men with abs of steel, Gucci did not defeat them all like King Leonidas.  Instead, he was more like this dude on the receiving end of the boot kick.

YOUR TURN: What advice would you offer Mr. Gucci “Burrr” Mane in light of his defeat at the hands of Twitter and half the rap industry?  Should he come back and start anew or get a flip phone and stick to sending notes on notebook paper?