Keeping It 140 w/Kyra

Keeping it 140: Golf Channel, #ABCReports & More

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Do your HomeTwerk

I am sick of Miley Cyrus.  Sick of the memes, the commentary, the defenses, the attacks…all that, as I stated earlier in the week in this editorial.  But what I am most mad at from the fallout is this stodgy, silly piece from ABC where they get some random fool (rather than a member of the Twerk Team or Queen of Bounce Big Freedia or anyone qualified) to talk about the great exercise you can get from booty popping.  They also offered a technical explanation of how to do it.  Then, Black Twitter came in and annihilated them like some futuristic online Terminators with the trending topic #ABCReports, a send-up of other ‘hood mysteries the network could investigate.  It was messy, evil and wonderful as you’ll see in the example below.  Maybe that’ll learn ’em.



Bebe’s Kids

So, some bad tween decided to post video of something that happens in America all the time.   Larger kids in the neighborhood picking on one of the younger, and more vulnerable kids on the block.  But then this kid had to go and name it “when white people piss black people off” and post it on Facebook. See the link HERE.  A moment of silence for his parents, grandparents and all the folk who didn’t get to him before this moment in his young life.  Now that this ig’nant mess is everywhere care of, it’s likely he won’t go anywhere without getting his young tail in a sling.  I have to say it’s much deserved and hopefully teaches a lesson to other children that this is the opposite of what you should be doing in social media and life overall.

Dream On

No the Golf Channel did not become the latest corporate dunce to try to promote themselves at the expense of an important national trend.  Oh wait, yes they did.  Clearly not sufficiently swept up in the nostalgia and importance of the 50th Anniversary of the March on Washington, these clubheads tweeted the following error in judgement and good taste, as captured by the eagle eye of media watchdog Jim Romenesko.  Have mercy.


KEEP UP WITH KYRA:  So there you have it, my round-up of what didn’t work at all in social media this week.  Let me know if you witness any good, bad or ugly examples of behavior on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and ‘nem.  You can can follow and talk to me via @thekylesfiles.