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Keeping it 140: Dancing Queen, Apple Snaps & More

Whew!  This is exciting.  This is the first Keeping it 140 since this site’s brand new redesign.  Speaking of redesign, I hope you’re taking a self-guided tour of this bad boy and will be sure to leave us comments and feedback along the way.  We’ve got cool video of our current cover stars, Michael B. Jordan and Octavia Spencer, of “Fruitvale Station and our Beauty of the Week is looking even more beautiful (and more detailed, thanks to our larger images).  Don’t take my word for it.  Click around.

But new car smell aside, I have a job to do, as the Keeper o’ Social Media Couth.  Every Friday, I point out the good, bad and occasionally ugly on the InterWebs.  So, strap in.  We’re in for a wild ride.

1.  Tiny Dancer

Let’s start with something adorable.  Check out lil’ mama getting her serious dance on, courtesy of this vine gone viral.  Not only is she cute, she seems very smart and spirited, based on this interview DNA Info conducted with her about her stealing the live shot scene from Chicago reporter (and good sport) Mary Ann Ahern.  Like Wu-Tang, I’m for the kids, so this was a nice pick me up.  And I disagree with the Viner who asked “Where is Her Parents?” because clearly they steered her away from much less adorable dancing you can see on TV and the ‘Net.
  2.  Apple Snap And now, for something not so appealing.  Watch (and listen) as this woman loses every piece of her mind in an Apple store, screeching like some chicken hawk about a part she was told she could get at said location.  I mean, what happens in your life that makes you think screaming at a store employee while banging on your own baby’s stroller is the right way to go?  The sheer privilege and indignation…this loudmouth must have bumped her head on that railing right next to her.  She better be glad she wasn’t hog tied and imprisoned in the manager’s office.  Some of my Facebook friends said she should be banned from Apple for life.  I’d add she should be banned from even eating an apple.    

3.  The Geraldo Show

But this one ain’t made for TV.  Apologies in advance to those with weak stomachs, but this actually happened.  The controversial pundit, who is most recently known for blaming Trayvon Martin’s hoodie for his death at the hands of a neighborhood watchman, clearly didn’t have a hoodie, jacket, T-shirt, pants or shoes in sight when he took this godawful image of himself and accidentally Tweeted it for the world to see.  He has since taken it down, but I want him to come and personally apologize to each of my eyeballs.

Geraldo Rivera posted this half-nude selfie to Twitter, drawing hefty derision.

4.  No New Friends

I’m going to have to ask DJ Khaled to stop the shenanigans.  Proposing to Nicki Minaj via video?  And Rick Ross co-signing?  No mas.  Publicity stunt or no, this is embarrassing.  Nicki, don’t date him girl.

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