Keeping It 140 w/Kyra

Keeping it 140: Coco, Ice T, Vince Young and Station that Fired Rhonda Lee

Social media madness, coming right on up!

Picture Pages

I have spent the week worrying about Coco. The voluptuous second wife of Ice T seemingly applied to become a missing person after the following photos of her with another (younger) dude emerged on Instagram. Understandably, the “Law & Order: SVU” star and rapper was peeved because these images are hella provocative and familiar.  Moreover, they are clearly posed.  It’s not like Coco was caught up unawares a la Kristen Stewart canoodling with that older, married director.  The telegenic T and C seemingly have since made up, but here’s a rewind of Ice checking his wife  140 characters in time via this handy screen grab set-up from Rolling Out.  (And seriously, Coco….stay away from the cameras and crazy-looking rappers who aren’t your husband for the next few year, boo. You do not mess with a retired pimp.)

Career Coaching

I am really concerned about former QB Vince Young, so I list him only because I’m hoping it’ll teach him to use DM the next time he wants to ask for a job via Twitter.  Also, perhaps this is an approach better suited to LinkedIn. Okay, moving on…

Hair Don’t

I am too through with an ABC affiliate in Shreveport, Louisiana for firing meteorologist Rhonda Lee for tactfully and carefully defending her cropped natural style to a clearly clueless viewer who questioned whether she had cancer and suggested that it was as inappropriate as a male on-air personality rocking waist-length hair.  As Richard Prince reports, Lee was let go because she took to the same Facebook page where the hating comments were made and tried to educate this old-school fool.  I hope anyone in Louisiana will turn away from that station permanently until they get their common sense back and restore her to the air.

Vote or Die

Whoops…Clearly we Facebook users did not do our due diligence when it came to this week’s opportunity to vote on this and future FB privacy policies.  About 670,000 users weighed in via an online vote but the number did not meet the 30% of user standards as set forth by the social media giant.  So….I guess all y’all who were focused on discussing A$AP Rocky’s dress on 106th and Park, posting images of your latest meal, or liking those memes of Wal-Mart customers made it so that FB can do whatever the poke it wants.