Keeping It 140 w/Kyra

Keeping it 140: Chief Keef, Tyga, Tony Hawk and More

If the Mayan calendar interpretations are correct, the individuals and entities to be mentioned have nothing to worry about. Their “Keeping it 140” indiscretions will be wiped out just like this planet.  My efforts to shake some social media sense into them will be in vain. But if we are still here on Dec. 21, all of these peeps need to take a good hard look at their online activities.

Crash Landing

Shouldn’t an image of your totaled Lambo just go to your insurance agent for you to file a claim rather than posted for the world to see?  I understand these YOLO-headed rappers want to show they don’t give a hot damn about material possessions because they can replace them with a flick of their bony, diamond encrusted wrists, but the Instagramming of this destroyed vehicle just screams “too much” to me.  Am I alone in that?  Yes? No?  Also, don’t you need to be a bit more careful on the road if you end up like this after a leisurely ride?

Santa’s Helper

First off, Chief Keef needs new people, specifically at least someone who can look him dead in his vacant little eyes and tell him to cool out.  As if that foolish video of him popping off weaponry, whilst on probation, wasn’t enough to get him back in the system, he tweets this crazy image of himself on Dec. 12 dressed as Saint Nick holding an assault rifle. Right around the time the nation is still reeling from the horrific Newtown massacre.  What is really going on, Keef?  Somebody break all his laptops and give him an old flip phone from the early 2000s, stat.

Play Time’s Over

Speaking of gun-obsessed id-jits (and no, that is no misspell, but a lower form of idiot), let’s take a second and consider Gunplay, the Rick Ross-co-signed MC who seems to have a near-fatal case of foot-in-mouth disease.  He had the audacity to address the Newtown shootings with a series of callous, clearly uneducated missives suggesting the “government” killed the kids and it’s a set up like 9/11.  Pause.  Rewind.  Play Again.  Yes, he did it, as outlined by Miss Info. **Obama voice** Let me be clear. Anyone subscribing to the scholarly aptitude of a fool named Gunplay needs to reconsider not only their choice in music, but their current strategy of failing at life.

Off Sides

America got another heartwarming look at its own racist core on Sunday when a small army of social media fools let loose with racial slurs against President Obama for the horrific crime of interrupting their football with a speech about the Newtown victims, an amalgamation of women and children gunned down by an extremely troubled young man.  The only positive to come of their actions, captured and reported on by several sites will surely meet with repercussions, such as the bone-headed North Alabama football player, Bradley Peterson, who was booted from the team almost immediately after the following online declaration: “Take that ni**a off TV, we wanna watch football.” Yeah, his account has since been deleted, as I hope has his desire to call people racial epithets.

Daddy Daycare

Tony Hawk, you need to have several skatepark stadiums worth of seats for taking your adorable five-year-old daughter, sans helmet, kneepads or elbow pads, on a joyride.  Yes, you are a legend, but that still doesn’t give you the right to follow in the silly steps of Steve Irwin and others who think their kids are accessories to their hobbies.  And that arrogant retort to your Instagram followers that they have a greater chance of falling on the sidewalk than you do of falling on this skatepark?  Man, listen….Go to Sportmart, get the proper accoutrements and then come back to me.  

Claims Department

After getting caught being kissyface with K Michelle in the club, it seems NBA player JR Smith went a little too far clearing up that the two are not a couple.  He took to Twitter to correct a misguided follower, insisting that he is single and then proceeded to author a tiny novel on the subject through the 140-character landscape, at his alleged paramour’s expense.  The “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” star cleverly saved face at the end, which you’ll see in this bossip link, but my advice to her is to leave this fella alone.  He clearly isn’t worth it.