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Keeping it 140: Hail to the ID

Typically, I use my Keeping it 140 space to lambast and lampoon clowns who have no idea what is appropriate on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook…or any other form of online communication.  Take a look at last week’s round-up if you need a concrete example of this type of tomfoolery.

But this week, I want to dedicate this space to a truly shrewd piece of social media magic.  Sound the trumpets as I introduce you to:

Social Climber of the Week: @thewayoftheid

It’s hard to prove the charge o’ copy catting on social media.  Aggregation is the way of the gun and ideas are out there flowing as freely as Moscato in a rap video.  But this week, I was highly amused by a Gawker piece by Cord Jefferson in which he mockingly called White America to the carpet for white-on-white crime.  That is UNTIL I found  out, courtesy of a Facebook friend Stephanie Vaughn, that the same topic had been broached, and I dare say it, more cheekily by @thewayoftheid aka Jamie Nesbitt Golden weeks before Mr. Jefferson had TV and online viewers chortling aloud at the fallacy of defending systemic racism with charges to “clean up” black-on-black crime.


I took to Twitter and tracked down Chicago-based Nesbitt Golden to speak with her about her stroke o’ genius.  Herein lies her inspiration: “I was fatigued from the George Zimmerman verdict,” she told me during a phone call the morning after she took Gawker to task for the aforementioned piece.  “It was the night the verdict came down, and I was just watching this conversation happening.  White folks were engaging in this bizarre discussion that Chicago has crime too, and saying ‘why don’t you care about that?’  They were furthering this Black-on-Black mythology, but it was quite simple.  A Black kid was murdered.  A White guy got off.  This isn’t the time to tell people to focus on inner city crime, especially when many of these people have never even walked down the street on the South Side.”  Check out what  Nesbitt Golden brought forth below, storified by the prescient Angry Black Lady.



I want to take time out to recognize Nesbitt Golden, this journalist, and current podcaster on Nerdgasm Noire Network, who laid it OUT.  Unfortunately, there was an unpleasant dust-up with Gawker, which may never be fully resolved to the satisfaction of all involved.  (Kudos to The Root who also caught wind of this incident and opined about it here.)  But more important than whatever the outcome, I want to say:  Please follow @thewayoftheid right now.  Hilarity will ensue.